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A huge majority of my work is commission-based. I love this way of working as I get to collaborate with the client and feed from their energy. Please email for more information.


Weekend Walks, oil on raw linen, 50x60"



60x80" oil on canvas £15000

50x60" oil on canvas £12000

36x48" oil on canvas £8000

30x40" oil on canvas £6500

24x36" oil on canvas £4800

20x30" oil on canvas £3800

Commissions can either be painted on the solid oil paint background on canvas or raw primed linen.

I work from photographs given to me if they are suitable, or come to you as a consultation and to take photos. 

Commission prices include framing and delivery to the UK. Global shipping fees apply.

Please contact me for more information or 07811959394

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